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Fanquare 18-Piece Blue and White Dinner Sets

Fanquare 18-Piece Blue and White Dinner Sets

Fanquare 18-Piece Blue and White Dinner Sets

Introducing the Fanquare 18-Piece Blue and White Dinner Sets, the perfect addition to your kitchen table. This porcelain tableware set is not only beautiful but also functional, making it ideal for everyday use, family dinners, and even housewarming gifts.


If you receive the product with any damages, please take photos and contact us immediately. We will respond promptly and arrange a replacement or refund. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


The dinnerware set includes:

  • 6 x Dinner Plates
  • 6 x Salad Plates
  • 6 x Bowls

Each ceramic product is carefully packed with foam and a shockproof box to ensure safe delivery without any breakage.

Dinnerware Capacity & Size

The dimensions of the dinnerware pieces are as follows:

  • Size of Dinner Plate: 28 cm
  • Size of Salad Plate: 20 cm
  • Capacity of Bowl: 550 ml
  • Size of Bowl: 15 cm x 7 cm

Material & Place of Origin

The Fanquare Dinner Sets are made of high-quality porcelain that is safe and lead-free. They are manufactured in Chaozhou, China, a city with a long history of ceramic production. In fact, Chaozhou has been awarded the title of “China Porcelain Capital” due to its significant contribution to the ceramic industry.


These dinner sets are not only functional but also exquisite, making them perfect for various occasions:

  • Family dinners
  • Everyday use
  • Housewarming gifts
  • Decorating your kitchen

Whether you’re serving pasta, soup, or a taco bowl, this dinnerware set will be perfectly suitable for all your meals.


The Fanquare Dinner Sets offer the following features:

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Freezer-safe
  • Microwave-safe

With these features, you can easily clean and store the dinnerware set without any hassle. Create happy moments and enjoy your meals with the Fanquare Dinner Sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the porcelain lead-free?

Yes, the Fanquare Dinner Sets are made of safe and lead-free porcelain.

2. Can I use these dinner sets for special occasions?

Absolutely! The exquisite design of the Fanquare Dinner Sets makes them suitable for special occasions like family dinners and housewarming parties.

3. Are the dinnerware pieces durable?

Yes, the porcelain material used in the Fanquare Dinner Sets is known for its durability. With proper care, these dinnerware pieces can last for a long time.


Elevate your dining experience with the Fanquare 18-Piece Blue and White Dinner Sets. Made of safe and lead-free porcelain, these dinnerware sets are not only beautiful but also functional. Whether it’s for everyday use or special occasions, the Fanquare Dinner Sets will surely impress your guests and bring joy to your meals. Order yours today and create happy moments with your loved ones!