browsef 20230905 Introducing Luigi Bormioli – Bach – Glass Tumblers Set of 4

Introducing Luigi Bormioli – Bach – Glass Tumblers Set of 4

Introducing Luigi Bormioli – Bach – Glass Tumblers Set of 4

Experience the Innovation of SON.hyx Crystal

Our glass tumblers set of 4 is made using Luigi Bormioli’s latest innovation, SON.hyx. This high-tech blown lead-free crystal glass is designed to provide outstanding chemical, optical, and mechanical properties. With a higher resistance to breakage, impacts, and twisting, these tumblers are built to last.

Reinforced with Titanium for Extra Strength

To make these drinking glasses even stronger, we have reinforced the glass with titanium. This ensures that they can withstand daily usage without easily breaking. Additionally, the permanent anti-abrasion treatment on the glass stems further increases their resistance to breakages.

Dishwasher Safe for Convenient Use

Our crystal glass tumblers are completely dishwasher safe, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. You can enjoy the convenience of using these tumblers without worrying about any alteration in transparency or brilliance after each use. They are highly durable and come with a 25-year guarantee.

Made in Italy with Craftsmanship

These tumbler glasses are proudly made in Italy, using Italian craftsmanship. The production process respects, maintains, and enhances the organoleptic characteristics, real aromas, and flavors of the beverages contained in them. Experience the true essence of your drinks with these exquisite tumblers.

Elegant Design for Any Occasion

The elegant faceted design of our glass tumblers set is sure to impress your guests. Whether you’re hosting a party, inviting friends over for a meal, or simply enjoying a quiet night in, these tumblers are perfect for any occasion. They also make a great gift set for someone special.

  • SON.hyx Crystal – Highly resistant to breakage
  • Titanium Reinforced – Increased resistance to breakages
  • Dishwasher Safe – No alteration in transparency and brilliance
  • Italian Craftsmanship – Made in Italy with a 25-year guarantee
  • Elegant Design – Perfect for any occasion

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these tumblers eco-friendly?

Yes, these large crystal glass tumblers are made of glass and are 100% eco-friendly. They are virtually infinitely recyclable, making them a sustainable choice.

Can I use these tumblers for hot beverages?

These tumblers are designed for cold beverages and are not recommended for hot drinks. Using them for hot beverages may cause the glass to become too hot to handle.

Can I purchase additional tumblers separately?

Yes, you can purchase additional tumblers separately to expand your set. Simply contact our customer service for more information on how to purchase individual tumblers.


Experience the innovation and quality of Luigi Bormioli with our glass tumblers set of 4. Made using the latest SON.hyx Crystal technology and reinforced with titanium, these tumblers are highly resistant to breakage. With their elegant design and dishwasher-safe convenience, they are perfect for any occasion. Made in Italy with craftsmanship, these tumblers enhance the flavors of your drinks while respecting the environment. Choose Luigi Bormioli for a truly exceptional drinking experience.