browsef 20230906 Rockland Guard Oyster Shucking Set – High Performance Level 5 Protection

Rockland Guard Oyster Shucking Set – High Performance Level 5 Protection

Rockland Guard Oyster Shucking Set – High Performance Level 5 Protection

Rockland Guard Oyster Shucking Set – High Performance Level 5 Protection

Are you tired of struggling to shuck oysters with regular kitchen tools? Look no further! Introducing the Rockland Guard Oyster Shucking Set, the perfect solution for all your oyster shucking needs.

High Performance Level 5 Protection

Our Oyster Shucking Set is designed with your safety in mind. The included food-grade cut-resistant gloves provide level 5 protection, ensuring your hands are safe from accidental cuts and injuries. You can confidently handle oysters without worrying about sharp shells.

Stainless Steel Oyster Knife

The set also includes a 3.5-inch stainless steel Oyster Knife, specifically designed for effortless shucking. The sharp and durable blade allows you to open oysters with ease, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to struggling with dull knives or risking injury with improper tools.

Perfect Set for Shucking Oysters

Whether you’re a professional chef or a seafood enthusiast, our Oyster Shucking Set is a must-have in your kitchen. It provides all the necessary tools to shuck oysters efficiently and safely. Impress your guests with perfectly shucked oysters at your next dinner party or enjoy a delicious oyster feast at home.

Food Grade Cut Resistant Gloves

The cut-resistant gloves included in the set are made from food-grade materials, ensuring they are safe to use with food. They are comfortable to wear and provide a secure grip, allowing you to handle oysters with precision and confidence.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Both the gloves and the Oyster Knife are easy to clean and maintain. Simply rinse them with water and mild soap after each use, and they will be ready for your next oyster shucking adventure. The gloves are also machine washable for added convenience.

  • Level 5 cut-resistant gloves for maximum protection
  • 3.5-inch stainless steel Oyster Knife for effortless shucking
  • Food-grade materials for safe and hygienic use
  • Perfect for both professionals and seafood enthusiasts
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the gloves one-size-fits-all?

A: Yes, the gloves are designed to fit most hand sizes. They have a stretchable material that provides a snug and comfortable fit.

Q: Can I use the Oyster Knife for other tasks?

A: While the Oyster Knife is specifically designed for shucking oysters, it can also be used for other seafood-related tasks, such as opening clams or prying shells.

Q: Are the gloves heat-resistant?

A: No, the gloves are not heat-resistant. They are designed to protect against cuts and abrasions, not heat. Please use caution when handling hot objects.


The Rockland Guard Oyster Shucking Set is the ultimate tool for all oyster lovers. With its high-performance level 5 protection gloves and stainless steel Oyster Knife, you can shuck oysters effortlessly and safely. Impress your friends and family with perfectly shucked oysters every time. Get your Oyster Shucking Set today and elevate your seafood experience!