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Time Timer Countdown Clock

Time Timer Countdown Clock

Time Timer Countdown Clock


The “Original” Time Timer is the ideal support for anyone who can use time recording. Understanding a conventional clock and focusing on the hands is not necessary with the time timer. You see and “feel” the passage of time, while the red disc visibly shows the remaining time. To show the time sequence, a signal can be set on the time timer. Especially suitable for seminars and school classes.

Main Features

  • 60-minute countdown
  • Every moment counts
  • Conquer your time
  • Structure your day


The “Original” Time Timer Countdown Clock is a revolutionary tool that allows you to better understand and manage your time. With its unique design and visual representation of time, it eliminates the need to rely on traditional clocks and their hands. Whether you’re attending a seminar or teaching a class, the Time Timer is the perfect companion to keep track of time and ensure every moment counts. Take control of your time, conquer your tasks, and structure your day with the “Original” Time Timer Countdown Clock.