browsef 20230919 UanTii Smart Door Lock – Keyless Electronic Fingerprint Door Lock

UanTii Smart Door Lock – Keyless Electronic Fingerprint Door Lock

UanTii Smart Door Lock – Keyless Electronic Fingerprint Door Lock

UanTii Smart Door Lock – Keyless Electronic Fingerprint Door Lock


Welcome to the world of smart home security with the UanTii Smart Door Lock. This innovative keyless electronic fingerprint door lock is designed to provide convenience, ease of use, and enhanced security for your home. With its multiple unlocking methods and seamless integration with the Smart Life App, you can now experience a new level of control and peace of mind.

Main Features

  • Multiple unlocking methods: fingerprint, anti-privacy virtual password, traditional mechanical spare key
  • One-touch fingerprint access: unlock your door within 0.3 seconds
  • Large fingerprint capacity: store up to 50 fingerprints
  • Smart Life App control: open the door using your mobile phone
  • USB charging port and emergency spare key: ensure access even when the battery is low
  • Easy installation: suitable for most doors with lever door locks
  • Anti-peeping design: protect your personal safety with a fake password feature

Unlocking Methods

The UanTii Smart Door Lock offers multiple unlocking methods to suit your preferences and needs. You can choose to unlock the door using your fingerprint, an anti-privacy virtual password, or the traditional mechanical spare key. The one-touch fingerprint access feature allows you to unlock the door within 0.3 seconds by simply placing your fingerprint on the door. With a large fingerprint capacity of up to 50 fingerprints, you can conveniently store the fingerprints of your family members or close friends.

Smart Life App Control

Experience the convenience of controlling your door lock through the Smart Life App. By connecting the UanTii Smart Door Lock to the app, you can easily open the door using your mobile phone. Please note that this is a Bluetooth smart lock and cannot be remotely opened from miles away. If you want to remote control the door lock or enable voice control, you will need to add the Tuya Bluetooth gateway or Tuya Multi-mode gateway, which are available in our store.

USB Charging Port and Emergency Spare Key

Never worry about being locked out due to a low battery with the UanTii Smart Door Lock. In case the battery is seriously low or completely exhausted, you can use the emergency spare key to open the door. Additionally, the door lock features its own USB charging port, allowing you to temporarily supply power by connecting it to a mobile power bank.

Easy Installation

The UanTii Smart Door Lock is designed for easy installation. The handle is interchangeable for both left and right-handed doors. When entering the room, simply touch the password button to turn on the screen, providing practical and convenient access. No wires or professional assistance are required for installation. The door lock is compatible with most doors that use a lever door lock and works with both left and right handles. The free handle design prevents malicious violence from damaging the lock body and internal parts, ensuring the security of your home.

Anti-Peeping Design

Your personal safety is a top priority with the UanTii Smart Door Lock. The door lock features a fake password anti-peeping design, allowing you to enter garbled characters before and after the correct password. This effectively protects you and your family from potential threats. With its semiconductor and biometric technology, the UanTii Smart Door Lock ensures that identical fingerprints are avoided, providing you with top-notch security. Its installation indoors can serve as a second line of defense for your home or office.

Discover the UanTii Smart Door Lock today and experience the convenience, security, and peace of mind it brings to your smart home.