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Vent-Axia 100B Lo-Carbon Silhouette

Vent-Axia 100B Lo-Carbon Silhouette

Vent-Axia 100B Lo-Carbon Silhouette

Introducing the Vent-Axia 100B Lo-Carbon Silhouette, the perfect solution for your bathroom or toilet ventilation needs. With its slim profile of only 17mm, this fan blends seamlessly into your wall surface, providing an unobtrusive installation that doesn’t compromise on performance.

Product Description

The Lo-Carbon Silhouette boasts an impressive FID performance of up to 30l/s, ensuring efficient air extraction in your bathroom or toilet. It can be easily ceiling or panel mounted and connected to an appropriate duct run to the outside, ensuring that moisture and odors are effectively removed from your space.

With the additional fixing kit, the Lo-Carbon Silhouette can also be wall and window fitted, giving you the flexibility to choose the most convenient installation option for your needs.


  • Low power consumption – lower running costs
  • Two speeds for customizable ventilation
  • IPX4 rated for safe use in wet areas
  • Meets current building regulations for ventilation
  • Fully opening and closing non-transparent shutters for improved insulation and privacy

Box Contains

  • Lo-Carbon Silhouette 100B fan
  • Low Profile Grille
  • Lo-Carbon Fan
  • Back Draught Shutter

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Lo-Carbon Silhouette be installed in a window?

Yes, with the additional fixing kit, the Lo-Carbon Silhouette can be easily fitted in a window for efficient ventilation.

2. Is the Lo-Carbon Silhouette energy-efficient?

Absolutely! The Lo-Carbon Silhouette has low power consumption, resulting in lower running costs and energy savings.

3. Does the Lo-Carbon Silhouette meet building regulations?

Yes, the Lo-Carbon Silhouette meets current building regulations for ventilation, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.


The Vent-Axia 100B Lo-Carbon Silhouette is the ideal choice for those looking for a slim and efficient bathroom/toilet fan. With its low power consumption, customizable speeds, and improved insulation, this fan provides effective ventilation while keeping running costs to a minimum. Say goodbye to moisture and odors in your bathroom or toilet with the Vent-Axia 100B Lo-Carbon Silhouette.