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Vent-Axia 100t Lo-Carbon Silhouette

Vent-Axia 100t Lo-Carbon Silhouette

Vent-Axia 100t Lo-Carbon Silhouette

Introducing the Vent-Axia 100t Lo-Carbon Silhouette, the perfect solution for your bathroom or toilet ventilation needs. With its slim profile of only 17mm, this fan blends seamlessly into the wall surface, providing an unobtrusive installation that won’t disrupt the aesthetics of your space.

The Lo-Carbon Silhouette boasts an impressive FID performance of up to 30l/s, ensuring efficient and effective ventilation. It can be easily ceiling or panel mounted and connected to an appropriate duct run to the outside. For added versatility, an additional fixing kit allows for wall and window fitting.


Adjustable Over-Run Timer

The Lo-Carbon Silhouette comes with an integral adjustable electronic overrun timer, allowing you to set the fan to operate for a duration of 5 to 30 minutes after use. This ensures that excess moisture and odors are effectively removed, leaving your bathroom or toilet fresh and dry.

Indication Light

The fan is equipped with an indication light that operates on manual override only. This provides a visual cue when the fan is in use, giving you peace of mind that it is functioning properly.

Backdraught Shutter

To prevent unwanted drafts and airflow when the fan is not in use, the Lo-Carbon Silhouette features a fully opening and closing non-transparent backdraught shutter. This not only improves insulation but also provides privacy.

Low Power Consumption

With its energy-efficient design, the Lo-Carbon Silhouette consumes minimal power, resulting in lower running costs. You can enjoy the benefits of effective ventilation without worrying about excessive energy usage.

Two Speeds

The fan offers two speed options, allowing you to adjust the airflow according to your needs. Whether you require a gentle breeze or a more powerful extraction, the Lo-Carbon Silhouette has you covered.

IPX4 Rated

The Lo-Carbon Silhouette is IPX4 rated, meaning it is protected against splashes of water from any direction. This ensures its durability and longevity, even in wet environments.

Meets Current Building Regulations

Designed to comply with current building regulations, the Lo-Carbon Silhouette guarantees that your ventilation system meets the necessary standards for safety and performance.

Box Contains

  • Lo-Carbon Silhouette 100T Fan
  • Adjustable Over-Run Timer (5-30 Minutes)
  • Lo-Carbon Fan
  • Low Profile Grille

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Lo-Carbon Silhouette be installed on the ceiling?

Yes, the Lo-Carbon Silhouette can be easily ceiling mounted for discreet ventilation.

Can the fan be connected to an external duct run?

Yes, the Lo-Carbon Silhouette can be connected to an appropriate duct run to expel the extracted air outside.

Is the fan suitable for wall and window fitting?

With the additional fixing kit, the Lo-Carbon Silhouette can also be wall and window fitted, providing flexibility in installation options.

Does the fan have an indication light?

Yes, the Lo-Carbon Silhouette is equipped with an indication light that operates on manual override only, giving you visual confirmation of its operation.

What is the power consumption of the fan?

The Lo-Carbon Silhouette has low power consumption, resulting in lower running costs compared to traditional fans.


The Vent-Axia 100t Lo-Carbon Silhouette is the ideal choice for those seeking a slim and unobtrusive bathroom/toilet fan. With its adjustable overrun timer, low power consumption, and versatile installation options, this fan provides efficient and effective ventilation while blending seamlessly into your space. Say goodbye to excess moisture and odors, and enjoy a fresh and dry bathroom or toilet with the Vent-Axia 100t Lo-Carbon Silhouette.