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Yishang Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer/Ceramic Tray

Yishang Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer/Ceramic Tray

Yishang Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer/Ceramic Tray


Discover the benefits of using Yishang Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer/Ceramic Tray for your plants. These 4.6-inch clay pots are perfect for cactus, succulents, and other plants that prefer drier soil. The porous nature of clay allows for proper drainage and airflow, ensuring the health of your plants. With their excellent durability and resistance, these pots are lightweight and beautiful, making them a great addition to any garden or indoor space.

Your Plants Like Them

Healthy Plants

First and foremost, terracotta pots help keep your plants healthy. The clay is porous, allowing water and air to pass through the sides of the pot. This allows the soil to “breathe” and prevents water from pooling at the bottom. If you tend to overwater or have plants that dislike dampness, terracotta pots are the perfect solution.

Benefits of Using Terracotta Gardening Pots

Natural and Porous

One of the greatest advantages of terracotta pots is that they are completely natural and porous. The porous nature of clay ensures that you cannot easily overwater your plants, as the roots can breathe and excess water can drain out. Additionally, the clay has excellent heat retention, providing optimal conditions for plant growth.

Better Plant Care

The natural properties of terracotta pots contribute to better plant care. The color of the pot can indicate if the plant needs watering, as the clay becomes darker when there is moisture present in the soil. This helps prevent overwatering and ensures that your plants receive the right amount of water.


  • Water sparingly and slowly to ensure even distribution through the soil without pooling at the bottom.
  • Store terracotta pots outdoors in winter to prevent cracking due to freezing and expansion of moisture.

They’re Easy to Customize

If you want to add some personal flair to your terracotta pots, they are easy to paint. This allows you to change things up and add a touch of creativity to your garden without spending a fortune on artsy pots.

About this Item

  • Dimensions: Perfect size pots measuring 4.6*4.6*4 inches (L*W*H) and trays measuring 4.4*4.4*1 inches (L*W*H).
  • Safe Packaged: Baked at 1050°C, these flower pots are highly durable and resistant. They are lightweight and beautiful, and all packages are well-packaged to ensure safe delivery.
  • Premium Quality: Made of top-quality clay, these pots allow air and water to pass through the walls more easily. They are suitable for plants that prefer drier soil and are also suitable for colder climates.
  • Drain Hole and Saucer: Each pot has a small drain hole at the bottom, allowing for proper drainage. The saucer works perfectly with the pots, protecting your floors and decking from water and dirt.
  • 100% Satisfaction: We provide full refunds and returns if there’s any problem after receiving the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these pots for indoor plants?

Yes, these pots are suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants. The porous nature of clay allows for proper airflow and drainage, promoting healthy plant growth.

How many pots and trays are included in the package?

The package includes 6 4.6-inch terracotta pots and 6 4.4-inch terracotta trays. Additionally, you will receive some little gifts to enhance your gardening experience.

Are these pots suitable for herbs and succulents?

Absolutely! These pots are perfect for herbs, succulents, small cacti, flowers, and much more. The size is ideal for various types of plants.

Thank you for choosing Yishang Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer/Ceramic Tray. We hope you enjoy the benefits of using these high-quality clay pots for your plants. Happy gardening!